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At LeVerb we only work with one client per industry or market segment per city. If a client is a national brand then we extend our relationship to the whole country where they do business. Why do we do this? One word: trust. You can learn more about our Client Promise by clicking here.

Below we have collected some highlights of our clients all over the world. You can see how many cities and countries are represented on our client map, check out some case studies and testimonials or simply browse their logos (many of which we created for them!).

Working with us is not a short term prospect, we strive to establish long lasting relationships. As your business grows, our services grow with you. As an added bonus you will gain access to our Partner Network which provides incredible value for our clients.

“I started working with Brett and his team in 2013. At that time he was working on a unique project for me, I ended up being so happy with it I asked LeVerb to take over marketing for another of my businesses: Edmonton’s International BeerFest. Over the years I have relied on LeVerb to handle pretty much anything I do online. When I was starting my latest company SUITS By Curtis Eliot Brett and I sat down and put together a plan and we have been working together ever since as LeVerb grows into an ever expanding role for me and my businesses.”


SUITS By Curtis Eliot & Edmonton's BeerFest
“LeVerb has transformed the way we do business. Their team has taken over so many processes for us and because of that we have more time to focus on everything else."


Atlas Immunization & Atlas Business Centre


Travel Gurus Ltd.
“We started with one website and now have three. We are always discussing new ideas and ways to expand our services and brand. That wouldn't be possible without Brett and his team"


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